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fine art black and white photography

Landscape Photography - Fine Art/Black and White/Grisedale

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Thomas Finkler photography is a multi award winning and internationally published fine art photographer and photo artist based near nuremberg, germany, bavaria. He is specialized in minimal nature and minimal landscape photography with the favorite subject trees. The fascinating and sometimes even spectacular fine art photography, fine art black and white photography series — available as fine art prints and wall art prints — present the photo categories cloudscape and trees, nature, landscape, abstract forest, blurry trees, abstract nature and composite. While watching the interplay of light, shade and colour through the seasons he creates most beautiful, amazing and poetic minimal fine art nature and landscape photography with trees. Many photos and all series are created both in monochrome and in color.

Which I think is my most honest answer. But all of those collected criteria are evolving continuously. Here I share the latest evolution of my collected and most relevant criteria that, I think, can help you separate good from bad photographs, not only the good and bad black and white photographs from others but also from your own work, and can make your work better. Opinions may vary. Of course. There should be a difference between Object matter thing in your frame and Subject matter your intention, or message you want to communicate. A fine art photograph should communicate and evoke an emotion or an experience.

Have you ever found yourself spell bound by an ethereal black and white photograph —something about it capturing your attention and compelling you to look longer, to experience it fuller? Did you know exactly how the image made you feel because it spoke clearly to you through an emotion or meaning that you could identify? Or did you feel an unconscious connection drawing you deeper into the frame, something familiar but without a name? We have likely all had these emotional reactions to such photos in our past, but have you ever questioned what the process is to create this type of image? What elements come together to make powerful black and white photographs? What techniques are required to translate emotional meaning into visual art?

It will help make your images stand out. My typical black and white fine art editing consists of two stages. Stage one is the initial selection and quick editing of the selected image in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. I usually work with large batches of images so this workflow works best for me. Lightroom allows you to apply a selected preset or settings to a group of images all at once.

Available as circular screw-on or rectangular filters with filter-holder. Roughly select a target area, then adjust accurately by clicking a preset. Updated v1. We provide you with free, high quality, indepth tutorials that can help you become better in photography and post processing. You can also find inspiring interviews with notable artists, reviews on photography related products and the occasional book review. Interested in joining a private photography workshop or mentorship?

Black and White Photography Advanced Tips

These principles are easy to understand and they will take your black and white fine art photography to a new level, either you work with black and white architecture, black and white landscapes, black and white portraits or still life. They belong to the general principles for creating good black and white photographs and do not depend on the subject matter you work with. -


How to Edit Black and White Fine Art Photography








In this article we'll look at basic editing techniques for black and white fine art photography to make your images really stand out.
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