Dji spark tips and tricks

DJI Spark Mods & Tips

dji spark tips and tricks

DJI Spark Tips and Tricks (Cinematic Quickshot Mode and Gesture Control)

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To be sure, flying the Spark is a thrill especially in Sports Mode , but the real action for me are the photos and videos. I use this post for future reference, and hopefully it helps some other Spark users as well. As you may have discovered, scanning the QR Code does not work. If all else fails, contact DJI Support for help. The benefits of this include better performance and stability. It can be tricky setting it up at first, but once you have the correct OTG cable, the following steps should work every time:.

Once you're fluent in Spark-speak, you'll spend far less time waving at your confused drone and more time snapping selfie gold. Make sure to grab it on the dark grey section of the body, to avoid the rotors slicing up your fingers. We speak from experience. The responsiveness of the Spark's regular flight mode is handy when positioning it for stills shooting or when you want to get it somewhere quickly, but it can be a bit jumpy and jerky when shooting aerial videos. Want smoother, silkier pans and tracking shots? Tap the control icon on the left side of the screen, then select Tripod mode.

Tips & Tricks for DJI Spark

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Bright sparks: the 12 best starter tips for the DJI Spark

Email address:. There are many things to consider aside from the price-tag. Many countries have now introduced stricter drone laws to combat the ever-increasing number of drones flying around. Depending on where you are based and what you want to use it for, you should check up the laws before you buy it. For me, Hong Kong has a relaxed regulation in regards to flying drones in the countryside for now , which is part of the reason why I bought it. But Australia requires licenses for both recreational and commercial drones.

Take the gesture controls, for example. Using your hands and fingers, you can control the DJI Spark to take pictures, move away from you, come closer, etc. The camera stabilization has also drastically improved compared to their previous drones, as well! What would you say if we told you that we know how you can fly without a WiFi connection using your phone and the controller? We can! Start with connecting the Spark and the controller and then connect your phone to the controller next.

Ignacz Szabolcs is a professional drone photographer from Romania. He started drone photography and videography back in In he won his first international contest. Till his pictures have been published in international magazines, books, galleries and also won 2 international contests. Visit his website. My first experiences with DJI products came in

Traveling with Spark: Cinematic Shooting Tips and Tricks





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    The Spark may be DJI's smallest, most user-friendly camera drone yet, but it's no toy. In the hands of a skilled pilot it's a very capable flying.

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