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ol roy soft and moist

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Ol' Roy dog food is a private label brand, of Wal-Mart. You can find this brand of dog food at stores all over the United States as well as at online retailers, such as Jet or Amazon. It is a part of the Mars pet food division, which is considered to be of the best-selling dog food sectors in the world. There are two main hallmarks of Ol' Roy dog food. First is that it's sold in huge bags for bulk purchases.

This company is currently headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. Mars, Inc. Even though it is owned by the Walmart corporation and manufactured by Mars, Inc. As a private label brand sold in retail stores, the primary goal of the Mars, Inc. Many store brands use low-quality ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy products as well as plant proteins, by-products, and artificial additives. This brand of dog food makes heavy use of ingredients like this, many of which could be sourced outside the U. It is also worth noting that this brand is manufactured by one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world and it is possible that their products are made in a variety of different plants both in and out of the country.

This moist and chewy mealtime treat has a yummy beef flavor. Sam Walton loved his dogs. Especially his favorite bird dog Ol' Roy. That's why Merrick's grain-free recipes provide only the best to your best friend in quality, nutrition and taste. Merrick grain-free recipes start with real deboned meat, f . This protein can also of .

UPDATE June 21, : Because of the tremendous amount of traffic this post has recieved and the overwhelming number of panicked replies and emails I need to emphasize that this article was written on February 15, This news follows days after the revelation that several other Big Heart Brand dog foods also tested positive for the drug. The news prompted a notice for a nationwide withdrawal of the tainted pet food in which retailers were instructed to pull the tainted dog food from their stores and destroy the product. Unfortunately, as Big Heart Pet Brands also produces and distributes a number of private label pet products, we cannot know which private label brands may also be contaminated with pentobarbital. As more Big Heart Brands pet foods are discovered to contain the deadly drug, it is possible and based on emerging information and the lack of quality control that other Big Heart brands may also contain material from the same supplier that supplied them with the pentobarbital-laced meat. Therefore, it would wise to avoid feeding your pet any Big Heart pet food brands until an investigation into the matter is complete. How did one of the nations largest maker of pet food fail so utterly and miserably at auditing their suppliers and testing their ingredients that allowed a deadly drug which can only come from euthanized animals to slip into their pet foods?

Dog Food Insiders Rating. It is not uncommon for large retail stores to sell their own private label brands that are produced for them by dog food companies. It is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. Mars pet food also makes Pedigree and other brands. Mars acquired Doane Pet Care in According to the stores that sell them, they are similar to the name brands in terms of ingredients and quality.

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Planning a visit to the United States? Or have friends and family in the U., Ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative that my veterinarian about 20 years ago told me was the cause of my beloved dogs cancer. Today we typically only find ethoxyquin hidden in pet foods used as a preservative of some ingredients such as fish meal without petsumer knowledge thanks to pet food regulations pet food manufacturers ONLY have to list ingredients they add not ingredients or preservatives added by a ingredient supplier.




Ol' roy soft & moist beef flavor wet dog food, 72 oz, Pack of 4. Ingredients: Beef By -Product, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Grits, Soy Flour, Water, Wheat Flour.
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    Ol' Roy Soft & Moist Beef & Cheese Flavored Dog Food helps satisfy your dog's craving for tasty beef flavor and yummy cheese. This moist and chewy meal treat .

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