Teyana taylor and iman shumpert show

Watch Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Go Cheek to Cheek in Summers Sexiest Denim

teyana taylor and iman shumpert show

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's Romantic Dinner - Teyana & Iman

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I'm a perfectionist by nature. Everything I do has to be done right or it has to be done well or there's no point in doing it at all, and I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason I'm single and have no plans on getting into a relationship anytime soon. Occasions wouldn't be quite as memorable and people wouldn't be quite as fun if everything and everyone was perfect, so taking the time to appreciate the things that aren't can make life a lot less stressful for you and everyone around you. Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert look at their marriage through this lens and say they couldn't be happier. In an interview with ESSENCE , Teyana opened up about her relationship and revealed that although their love life may look perfect to us, she and her husband aren't out here trying to be anybody's RelationshipGoals:. After shooting his shot unsuccessfully for years, Iman finally got a shot with his dream girl in after her widely publicized breakup with a former lover. Iman and Teyana's semi-platonic friendship eventually evolved into a budding romance and later welcomed their now three-year-old daughter and tied the knot in a secret wedding in , proving that your King Charming might be sitting on 'read' in your DMs as we speak.

Chick went all out on her man Iman Shumpert and put on one hell of a show. Right after Mother's Day, Teyana Taylor woke up to bad news that her grandmother had passed away. She posted a picture of herself hugging her grandmother with the caption, "The last thing I wanted to wake up to Rip to my great grandma Nan.. The last thing I wanted to wake up to The passing of her grandmother happened right before her big night in NYC.

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Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. Title: Teyana and Iman . Aspiring street dancer Skyler Teyana Taylor is at a major crossroads in her life. She's decided to try-out for the same dance crew as her formally trained sister Tosha Sierra McClain in An ex-con is shocked to see just how much the world has changed when he is released from prison for good behavior after a year stint and returns to his newly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Share Promo for their New Show



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    Taylor is her mother's only child while her father has two sons and another daughter from a different relationship.

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