Ryan reynolds and ryan gosling

Face-Off: Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Reynolds ?

ryan reynolds and ryan gosling

We surveyed Canadians and 58 percent hearted Ryan Reynolds over Ryan Gosling, but our office remains split. In an effort to settle this hotter.

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But Ryan Gosling is off the scale in every sense of the word. I mean when I look at him it actually makes me want to cry. And when I think about him in The Notebook, it does make me cry. He would wait for the love of his life. And build her a house. And kiss her in the rain.

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Born on October 23, , in Vancouver, Canada, Ryan Reynolds started out in television before becoming a big-screen success in Hollywood. His first major breakthrough came with the comedy National Lampoon's Van Wilder. For several years, Reynolds appeared in a string of lackluster films — both critically and commercially. While his movies may not have been wowing audiences, Reynolds enjoyed great popularity nonetheless. He was featured in People magazine's "Sexiest People" issue in , earning the title "Sexiest Renaissance Man" from the publication.

Every time Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have trolled each other on social media

Robert Downey Jr., Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one hell of a power couple, down in part to their hilarious and playful and relentless!

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It is the debate that has divided a nation and it all comes down to two words: Which Ryan? There are few things that divide Canadians more than the Ryan debate: is Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling the hottest hero of our northern land? Gosling is the only Ryan that matters. Unlike the D-list Reynolds, Gosling is an actor with true talent. He makes us feel things.

Since their marriage in , Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have shared a relationship in the spotlight as well as two daughters. But instead of shying away from the public eye as many star pairs often choose to do, the two actors have seemed to have fun with their celebrity status — by trolling each other all the time. From teasing comments to funny one-liners, here are the best times the Deadpool actor has given the former Gossip Girl icon the troll treatment over the past few years. But instead of putting up a glowing post of pretty photos, he chose a series of snaps in which Lively looks a little less than ideal — mostly because her eyes are closed. A close-up of Reynolds with fellow actor and fellow Ryan, Ryan Gosling.








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    Ryan Reynolds speaks to heat about family life and Ryan Gosling | Celebrity | Heat

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    Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling - Hollywood's favorite Ryans are more than just occasional doppelgangers. The two are both fathers of two little.

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    Ryan Reynolds vs. Ryan Gosling: Let’s Settle This Once and For All

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    Face-Off: Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Reynolds ? - IMDb

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    Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are both A-list movie stars, but who's the hottest Ryan of Hollywood?.

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