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Oh, Bother: Pooh Hicks Is Accused of Faking Her Marriage on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

youtube love and hip hop atlanta

Mimi Checks Stevie J For His Comments - Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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She appeared in a total of five episodes between the first two seasons. She is best remembered for beefing with Joseline Hernandez in Season 2 after her working relationship with Stevie J started to take a more personal turn. Back then she had braces and clearly, they did her good because now Che has a megawatt smile and things are definitely looking up for her. Remember this moment from Season 2 when Che Mack practically begged Joseline Hernandez to do a song with her? Che even made a Joseline Hernandez diss track called S.

The Jamaican dancehall singer was hit with a lot of criticism, but quickly appeared on her Instagram live and we soon learned that it was a publicity stunt for her latest song Black Hypocrisy. Now that the music video for the track is out, it all adds sense. First of all, it was Photoshopped and second of all, there was a purpose behind the calamity. You can all put your pitchforks down because all Spice wanted to do was preach a message to you all. And I was made to feel inferior. Cah society seh brown girls prettier.

Drama has circled around the two after Karlie and Pooh were allegedly a part of a threesome that Karlie denies. Every two to three years, we bring in another woman, I like to have a good time. Pooh Hicks is married to Hiriam Hicks. Hiriam works in the music industry and was the former president to Island Black Music. After three years working together, the two decided it was time to call it quits. Around May , Karlie claimed Pooh was actually a man and transgender but Pooh put those rumors to an end.

Not long after their engagement in December , the relationship quickly fizzled out. What ensued next involved the two taking jabs at each other on social media. Despite this, some fans desperately hope Cyn and Joe would work things out. But as Cyn occasionally shaded Joe , it appears Joe moved on to a new boo. Men move on fast.

Friday 9 8c. Season 2, Episode 26 Clips. Cocktail Recipe: Truth Serum. Thursday 9 8c. Season 1, Episode 1 Clips. Cocktail Recipe: New York Royale. Catch up now!


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    Joe Budden Enjoys His Birthday Trip with His New Boo?

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