Jeff the killer and smile dog

Genesis - Jeff meets Smile

jeff the killer and smile dog was originally posted on a know your meme forum made by a creepypasta fan. The image contains Jeff the Killer's head and eyes with Smile. dog's.

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A knife cluttered to the ground as a dying man fell, numerous stab wounds and lacerations in his chest. As he lay gasping for breath, a raven-haired teenager with a sickening smile carved into his face, eyes always wide open, reached down and grabbed the knife. He tore off a bit of the victim's shirt and rubbed the blood off of the knife. He shoved the knife back into his boot, walked over to the victim, placed his boot against his face, and- KRRRCK -snapped his victim's neck by stomping down. He rubbed his eyes, ensuing his normal-appearing illusion form. He took the dead man's pocket knife, carved "JEFF" into his belly, and then stabbed the pocket knife into the corpse's eye.

Smile Dog's story consists of a classic horror set-up an amateur writer visits the house of a a floppy disk she had been given that contain the image rzwuap. Dog" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Smiling dogs, Creepypasta proxy and Creepy pasta. I love smile dog, but I also know that he would probs kill me if I met him. See more ideas about Jeff the killer, Smiling dogs and Creepy pasta family.

I first met in person with Mary E. I had arranged with her husband of fifteen years, Terence, to see her for an interview. Mary had initially agreed, since I was not a newsman but rather an amateur writer gathering information for a few early college assignments and, if all went according to plan, some pieces of fiction. For half an hour I sat with Terence as we camped outside the bedroom door, I listening and taking notes while he attempted fruitlessly to calm his wife. The things Mary said made little sense but fit with the pattern I was expecting: though I could not see her, I could tell from her voice that she was crying, and more often than not her objections to speaking with me centered around an incoherent diatribe on her dreams her nightmares. Besides, I thought at the time, I could perhaps find another, similar case if I put my mind and resources to it.

It actually happened to my friend once. She thought the image was "interesting". I mean, any human would think of it that way. But she couldn't stop looking at it. Once you get attached to the image, there's no turning back.


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