Give me ten good men and ill impregnate the bitch

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give me ten good men and ill impregnate the bitch

Sep 9, Game of Thrones Best Scenes. Loading. Give me 10 good men and some climbing spikes I'll impregnate the bitch. Tyrion: I like you.


It seems like they sent in Marcos aka Eclipse and Lorna aka Polaris with several others to help free a few captives being held inside. Pulse automatically thinks this is bad and he should have been sent in first instead of being back-up since his powers can disrupt electrical systems and deactivate the alarms. Right after pleading his case with Thunderbird, Marcos and Lorna come bolting out of nowhere informing them that the plan has gone south and that the rest of the team that went in with them is dead. They all agree it is time for a retreat, but Gus hangs back a little bit to use his powers to disable the turrent guns to give them some cover. His plan works, but at the cost of him being shot in the back. Catlin Strucker has come up with a plan though, instead of attacking the facility they are in they will attack the convoy that will be transporting them.

Season seven of Game of Throne has already been a whirlwind ride, fan-favourite characters meeting their end, castles put under siege, and Starks reuniting. As always, the episode was packed with references to past events and the books, ranging from the obvious to completely missable. Plus, showruners and actors have given various interviews, helping uncover yet more information. Here are nine of the best snippets. A lot of attention has been shone onto Cersei's lookalike maid Bernadette , who has previously appeared numerous times on the show. The character, as noted by many, used his abilities to tell Sansa how pretty she looked on her infamous wedding day, something that seemed particularly odd.

Above, Varys finds Melisandre watching. She has decided that discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to meeting Ser Davos Seaworth who, you may remember, promised to kill her for her role in the death of Shireen Baratheon. She announces that she's played her part; she brought ice and fire together. However, she tells Varys that she will return at least once more to Westeros, for she is fated to die here — as is he. Beat He's King in the North. Jon isn't really having any of it; his real concern is for his people, and Dany doesn't seem interested in fighting the White Walkers — or in believing they exist. Dany's not happy Jon has come to "break faith" with House Targaryen.

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I'll impregnate the bitch





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