Dua lipa and martin garrix

Martin Garrix And Dua Lipa Were Seen Kissing On The Set Of Her New Video

dua lipa and martin garrix

Catch the latest Celebrity News stories and features from KISS | There's a new couple in town! Or so it seems! DJ Martin Garrix and singer Dua.


The year-old pop beauty and the superstar DJ dropped banger 'Scared to Be Lonely' this year and got on so well they are preparing to get back into the studio together to work on a follow-up. The Dutch EDM star told the Daily Star newspaper: "I really got to be like her and found out she's amazing and super dope, she has great energy And it seems Dua agrees as she recently confessed she rejected a number of requests from fellow musicians to work together when she was first starting out. She said: "I got asked to do quite a few features early on and turned down all of them because I wanted to get my own music out first so people had a clear idea of what I was bringing to the table as an artist. The 'Hotter Than Hell' hitmaker admitted it can be "scary territory" because you can lose sight of your personal style. She added: "[Collaborating] is scary territory -- sometimes the songs don't relate to who you as an artist or a person, and people do them for the sake of having a hit.

Garrix's show might have been the closing set of an electrifying weekend of performances by the likes of everyone from Taiwanese singer Jay Chou to American rock band The Killers, but Lipa, who is in prime global pop star mode, was the real scene-stealer on the day. Dressed in a Grand Prix-appropriate checkered bra top and pastel blue tracksuit bottoms, the stunning and statuesque Lipa took to the stage earlier in the evening with an energetic pre-race concert that proved her magnetism as a performer. She performed a very similar set list in Singapore not four months ago to a sold-out crowd of 5,, and as with the last show, the first 20 minutes of the set was a breathless romp through Blow Your Mind, Dreams and My Love - including choreography and high kicks that would not be out of place in a piloxing class. This time, however, she brought back up singers, dancers and a stage set up that allowed her to get up high on a raise platform for some balletic and modern dance choreography on pop ballad Lost In Your Light. But even in front of a crowd much larger than her previous concert here, the bona fide pop star managed to keep it fresh and upbeat throughout her minute set. She might be best known for the infectious earworm that is New Rules, which she closed off her gig with, but she has plenty of other smash hits - all with only one album to her name - and most of which she dipped into. Whether it was the tropical vibes of No Lie, or the dance floor banger and Calvin Harris collaboration One Kiss, it was the perfect mix for the diverse Singapore Grand Prix crowd that typically includes everyone from hardened Formula One fans who are there for the race, to the fans who are specifically there for the music acts, and everyone in between.

Fans Are Losing ALL Their Chill After Pics Emerge Of Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix Getting Cosy. 16 June , | Updated: 5 December , dua lipa.
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It was great at the very start Hands on each other Couldn't stand to be far apart Closer the better. Now we're picking fights And slamming doors Magnifying all our flaws And I wonder why Wonder what for Why we keep coming back for more. Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason You're holding me tonight 'Cause we're scared to be lonely? Do we need somebody Just to feel like we're alright? Too much time, losing track of us Where was the real?

Of course the Twittersphere has absolutely imploded with the speculation that the pair are now dating As if Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix are dating. They're such an attractive couple omg pic. Although neither of the two have spoken publicly about the photo, a Twitter user has claimed Dua DM'd her claiming the pair are definitely not a couple:. Dua dmed someone about the photos that were recently taken in Miami with Martin Garrix. Credits to owners! Your privacy is important to us.


Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix share the stage at Singapore Grand Prix concert

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    It was great at the very start Hands on each other Couldn't stand to be far apart Closer the better.

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