Black and puerto rican caucus

Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus

black and puerto rican caucus

The New York State Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators is dedicated to ensuring a higher education is available to all minority youth who desire to.


Participants stressed the importance of students having diverse classroom teachers, something that all agreed inspires students of color to greater achievement. Establishing grow-your-own programs in high school to nurture potential educators, providing better mentoring and support for new teachers and increasing pay, were offered as possible solutions. She noted that as a student, she only had one teacher of color throughout her school career. She entered the field to change that. He noted that male teachers of color, in particular, could have a significant impact on student success, sometimes being the difference between a student who decides to graduate from high school rather than drop out. United Federation of Teachers vice president Sterling Roberson noted the importance of strong high school pipeline programs, explaining that in the s, he entered the teaching field through a five-year, UFT-backed internship program.

Contact: Arielle Swernoff arielle nyrenews. Web: NYRenews www. The letter discusses the ways in which climate change does not affect all people equally. As such, the letter argues, it is critical that climate policy address the racial and economic disparities of the climate crisis, which the CCPA is designed to do in New York State. The bill also sets strong wage and contracting standards for the transition-related jobs receiving state support, ensuring that green jobs are good jobs. We all remember Hurricane Sandy, and, importantly, we remember which communities had the capital to fund a quick recovery, and which did not.

Senate endorses plan requiring Connecticut schools to teach African American, Latino history

The Senate vote came days after the House of Representatives endorsed the plan. The bill now goes to Gov. Ned Lamont for consideration.


By Isabel Vincent. The property is located just minutes from the state Capitol. Meanwhile, The Post obtained federal tax documents that confirmed the association gave out no grants in the and fiscal years. On another page, where grants were to be listed for the four fiscal years, the last two fiscal years were left blank. The group insisted that scholarships had been given out in and but refused to provide The Post any cancelled checks or the full names of scholarship recipients. But the sheet of paper was not part of the federal tax filing and the totals were not reflected on the return.

On Sunday, the New York Post, relying on an unnamed former legislator and an unnamed community organizer, said the group had not given out scholarships for the past two years -— opting to use the hundreds of thousands of dollars it receives for its lavish annual celebration usually held in Albany. Each year it hosts a weekend-long event in February with various events, panels and parties with expensive sponsorships. The stated goal of the event is to raise scholarship money for minority youth. On Sunday Pretlow, a Democrat from Yonkers, told the Times Union he did not remember the last scholarship the group gave out. The second-ranking member of the group, state Sen. Leroy Comrie, a Democrat from Queens, said he had nothing to say about the subject and hung up on a Times Union reporter. The charity, which was formed in , has in the past vowed to increase the percentage of its revenues that it spends on scholarships, according to the Times Union investigation.

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By Isabel Vincent. December 29, pm Updated December 29, pm. But in the last two years there has been no cash for scholarships, according to two sources — a former lawmaker, and a community organizer who has relied on the money for needy students since just after the group was founded in
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