Are kelsie and brandon from catfish still together

are kelsie and brandon from catfish still together

Catfish Commitment: Will Kelsie And Brandon Eventually Settle Down Together? The Texas beauty seems to have lassoed her 'Redneck.


The Set-Up: Kelsie is 26 years old and lives in Texas. She has an eight year old son. She has been chatting with Brandon, 31 from Missouri for three years. She has been stood up for him several times. Once, she even drove to MO but he stood her up again. They met on Facebook and were just friends. She called off her wedding at the last-minute last year and he was so supportive that their relationship became romantic.

A single mom from Texas had an astonishing happily-ever-after on tonight's Catfish , but will she and her beau go the distance and settle down together? Twenty-six-year-old Kelsie, who hails from New Braunfels, had contacted Nev and Max after getting suspicious about the "Redneck Romeo" she'd known for three years but had never actually met.
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The show is a lot of things -- powerful, moving, interesting, and entertaining -- but sometimes, it can be completely crazy. There have been more than a few times where you have wondered how that could have possibly happened, and of course, those moments are what keep you coming back. After all, the best reality television can be a little bit crazy. You wouldn't have it any other way. Because six seasons is a lot of digital love stories Nev is always cool, calm, and collected

Catfish: Kelsie & Brandon

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Which 'Catfish' Season 5 Couples Are Still Together? The Success Rate Isn’t Very High

FYI, the series isn't technically starting a new season. It's actually just picking back up in the middle of season seven after being suspended in May following sexual misconduct accusations against the show's host, Nev Schulman. MTV gave the green light to continue after an investigation concluded that claims made by former Catfish participant, Ayissha Morgan, were "not credible and without merit. The show, about strangers who catch feels online only to find out they've been "catfished" the name comes from the documentary, Catfish , where Nev himself gets—you guessed it—catfished! Sure, in the beginning, it was easy to believe that these poor, innocent people were legitimately hoodwinked, but we don't have time for this anymore. First of all, it's Even your grandmother knows what catfishing is by now.

By Tara Ariano , July 4, in Catfish. Southern sweetheart Kelsie is madly in love with her online Romeo, Brandon. But after years of endless excuses of why he cannot meet up, Kelsie recruits Nev and Max to go deep in the heart of Texas to find who Brandon really is.



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    MTV's docu-series Catfish has no shortage of crazy characters and tragic stories, but when it comes to happy endings? Not so much.

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    What happened when we gave Kelsie and Brandon some time to talk? Now that they have the opportunity to be together for the first time.

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