Benedict cumberbatch and tom holland

Tom Holland Reacts to Benedict Cumberbatch Impression of Him

benedict cumberbatch and tom holland

Tom Holland & Benedict Cumberbatch Funny Moments (Avengers Infinity War)

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That bond is Cumberbatch playing kind of a guardian angel to Holland, the latter of whom is notorious for dropping spoilers from the movies ó unless Cumberbatch is by his side to stop him. The two will soon share the screen again, although this time in something other than superhero costumes. And this was far from the only instance with these two. You know. Because Benedict is actually very good at dancing around spoilers ó and monitoring Tom Holland.

If you've seen ads for a movie called The Current War , with its all-star cast sporting brooding expressions and muttonchops , and thought: "Why haven't I heard of this? The Marvel stars aren't the only big names in the movie. The Current War follows the race between Thomas Edison Cumberbatch and George Westinghouse Shannon to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world. You'll also be forgiven for Googling the movie and finding it premiered waaay back in at the Toronto Film Festival, only adding to the confusion surrounding the historical drama. The answer: The Current War was one of many ill-fated movies to be swallowed up by the controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein. As Weinstein was brought down by the wealth of sexual misconduct allegations against him which he has denied , The Weinstein Company went bankrupt and The Current War was put on a shelf.

Oh, Tom Holland. What are we going to do with you? He may be charming, British, and currently donning the Spider-Man suit for Avengers: Infinity War , but that doesn't mean he's able to keep all of the exciting details to himself when it comes time to discuss one of the biggest movies in theaters right now. Tom has a bit of a history with Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers , and it's gotten him into trouble with Marvel Studios in the past. So it's kinda not surprising that in many of the interviews he's been doing recently for Infinity War , he's been paired with costar Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange in the film and is able to charmingly shush him whenever he gets a little too chatty.

Are Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch Friends?

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Why you've never heard of this Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch movie

Cast your mind back to April, and the Avengers: Infinity War press tour. More innocent times, yes. A time before we appreciated Marvel's capacity to pulverise our hearts like a single grape in Thanos' fist. A time before, "Mr Stark, I don't feel so good. Remember a certain hand thrusting repeatedly in front of Tom Holland's mouth? Turns out, that bizarre moment was actually Benedict Cumberbatch stopping Tom Holland from accidentally spoiling Infinity War for everyone, so effectively.

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    Doctor Strange and Spider-Man donít share many scenes together in the MCU, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland make quite the pair when they do press for the Marvel movies. At a press tour for Avengers: Infinity War, an interviewer asked Holland if Spider-Man was going to.

  2. Meisomoca1998 says:

    Spider-Man has a habit of divulging more than he should.

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