Polaris rzr jump gone wrong

Interview: Semi-paralyzed wild man Tanner Godfrey prepares for a third UTV jumping world record

polaris rzr jump gone wrong

Polaris RZR 1000 insane jump


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Al McBeth has built his reputation on record-breaking jumps. It was just such a fun little machine. Everyone wanted our parts. I have firsthand experience of what needs to be fixed. He has accumulated four UTV distance-jumping world records: two for ramp to dirt feet [60 metres] and then feet [68 metres] , sand to sand feet [50 metres] and snow to snow feet [45 metres]. That was a big landmark.

Eventually all fun machines fall into the possession of an idiot.
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Since he doesn't have full use of his legs, he's done it by literally poking the gas and brake pedals with a stick. And on Monday, armed with a new stick, he's lining up for the biggest jump of his life. It probably looks like "just another" daredevil long jump attempt on the Diesel Brothers event poster, wedged in between a monster truck jumping over an airplane in flight and another monster truck attempting the world's first forward-momentum backflip. But the mountain Tanner Godfrey has had to climb to get where he's going is of proportions just as epic as any of the stunts he's done. Injuries are part of the extreme sports game, but Tanner has copped it harder than most, breaking his back and being diagnosed as paraplegic. With a bit of luck and a hell of a lot of hard work, determination and positive attitude, he's managed to fight his way back to the point where he can now walk with canes. With family ties to the Nitro Circus crew, and extreme sports flowing through his veins, he's also back on the motorcycles, somehow getting around a motocross track faster than I reckon I could do it with all my spinal nerves intact.

Polaris RZR stunts look great, even when they go wrong

How NOT to Jump an RZR – Knocked Out the Driver!

This mill is a familiar parallel-twin-cylinder DOHC design. What stands out is that it is only cc. Polaris no doubt reduced the cylinder size to increase the oil passages and water jackets for better cooling. However, the easier way to modify the machine is to reprogram the ECU. Companies like Hard Core Tuning www. It would also get rid of the electronically controlled rev limiter.

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World Record UTV Jump at White Knuckle Event Goes Horribly Wrong + Video






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    May 28, the landing by a huge margin during his world record UTV jump attempt. UTV Jump at White Knuckle Event Goes Horribly Wrong + Video.

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