The diligent girl and the lazy girl story script

Using the caterpillar story to teach the lesson of diligence

the diligent girl and the lazy girl story script

Long ago in Ireland there were many kings there lived a widow who has only one daughter. When the daughter was young she was very delicate so her mother.


My four-year-old daughter seemed disinterested in practising her writing and reading. I tried to use rewards to encourage her but they only worked for a short while. One day, I came across a storybook I bought a few years ago and we read the book together. It was a story about two caterpillars. They both began to build their cocoon because it was the cocoon making season and they were both hard at work. After a few days, one of the caterpillars decided to take a break and refused to work. This lazy caterpillar decided to sleep and eat instead of working hard like the diligent one.

Post a Comment. I say the wine maker do all the work. I can't give you anything, no father don't be sorry! I will work and earn a lot of money, this is a difficult time for us it will be over soon. I will send her away to earn money, and whatever she earns will be mine me, and my daughter will then have the life.

Add to Read List. This story is about a lazy girl from Uganda. It is very educative especially to the girls out there. Once upon a time, there lived a very hardworking man who married a woman in a village, far away. Njabala grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the village.

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Njabala - The lazy girl

The Diligent Girl And The Lazy Girl - Hindi Kahaniya for Kids - Stories for Kids




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    Njabala - The lazy girl, short story by Lugandaproz

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    the lazy girl and the diligent girl, there was a house in a faraway village. house were lived a husband and a wife! both of them had one.

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