Chloe bennet and logan paul

Logan Paul 'Split With Chloe Bennet' As KSI Shares Cryptic Response

chloe bennet and logan paul

Logan Paul and actress Chloe Bennet split up in late October - and Paul might have let slip the reason for their breakup during an episode of.

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The video would ultimately spark backlash from viewers accusing Logan of making light of suicide and mental health. Per a new interview with Logan, his ex-girlfriend, the actor Chloe Bennet , actually warned him prior to the incident about the path his "behavior" was taking him down. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Logan said that he and Chloe fought the week before they were supposed to go to Tokyo. I don't know how, I don't know when, but you're going to crash and burn. While Chloe likely had no idea what was to come from Logan's trip to Japan, the warning proved prescient.

Another one bite the dust! At the time, the duo stayed mum about the reason behind their seemingly romantic getaway, but it wasn't long before fans demanded answers. So, as any Youtuber would, Logan brought Chloe on to his channel to answer his fans burning questions. Chloe and I are friends, for sure. In my opinion, friends sometimes make out. Touch butts.

Chloe Bennet confirmed the romance in July. The Agents of S. Their split comes three months after she confirmed and defended her relationship with Paul in July after the pair was spotted kissing earlier in the month. After Bennet confirmed their romance, Paul posted a touching tribute to her on Instagram in July, thanking the actress for always supporting him. After taking a month-long break following the incident, Paul returned to YouTube to apologize and share how his life has changed. Just Jared first reported the news of their split. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

In December , YouTuber Logan Paul uploaded the now-infamous video he filmed in Japan's sacred Aokigahara Forest. The video would ultimately spark backlash from viewers accusing Logan of making light of suicide and mental health. Per a new interview with Logan, his ex-girlfriend.
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Logan Paul's apparently broken up with girlfriend Chloe Bennet just a few months after fellow YouTuber publicly mocked their relationship. According to reports online, YouTuber Logan Paul and actress Chloe Bennet have split after dated for just over three months. It's been claimed that the pair still love each other but that they're taking time out to focus on themselves. The source went on to add, "When it was just the two of them, there was no one else in the room" but another source claimed that whilst they still love each other, they're just not compatable right now. Neither Chloe, who stars in Marvel Agents Of Shield, nor Logan have spoken out about the rumours yet, but with the intense public intrest in the couple's relationship following Logan Paul's infamous 'Suicide Forest' video fans will hope some kind of statement is issued soon to clear things up.

New Details About The Reason Why Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet Broke Up

Logan Paul Reveals Chloe Bennet Break Up Was His Friends Fault - Hollywoodlife





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