Natsu and lucy having sex

Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia vs. Hughes & Byro

natsu and lucy having sex

[Fairy Tail AMV] Lucy x Natsu - Dragon Cry AMV

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I'm sure you've noticed but im a lazy fart and can't update because instead of converting my unpure thoughts into words i've been doing something else I'm not gonna have Happy appear much since he would kill the romance but he'll occasionally pop out of no where and say "he likessssss you". It was Monday. Lucy Heartfilia hated Mondays. She was struggling to get up but to no avail remained in bed.

While Natsu and Gray bicker with each other as usual, Lucy begins to wonder about the Royal City's structure. She tells the two that she would not be surprised to find an amusement park in there and, sure enough, the three arrive in front of an amusement park. The three see Sugarboy riding the carousel when a ship suddenly falls on them. The group manages to dodge the ship and sees Hughes standing on top of it. The two sides then prepare to fight each other. In the middle of their battle, Natsu is suddenly thrown on a roller coaster and gets very motion-sick.

Don't think the romance will diminish one bit though as time goes on. You've got to be kidding me! After hearing about a mission that was just too good to be true from Mirajane, Natsu and Lucy had set off for adventure and an easy fifty thousand jewels. Because it was supposed to have been a cake walk Lucy chose to wear a brand new white and blue vest with matching blue skirt and black boots. The ensemble was completed by her signature side pony tail, blue ribbon and a smile that could fell even those most cold hearted of enemies. Looking over the large body of water, which he estimated was easily over fifty meters across, he shook his head. Looking down at the ground she growled at the sheer injustice of the situation.

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Natsu And Lucy Pregnant Fanfiction

And will protect her as much as he can I want to protect your smile which relies on my back! Happy obviously comes too. Gray and Erza and Wendy and Carla probably come too because they are cock blocks, but we love them anyway. Jelly Bean Fernandez puts on his big boy pants and forgives himself 10 years of good deeds bro, yeah you were a dick, but you were tricked and you were like 9! We all see you are actively reformed - Love yourself you little bitch!


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