S and p index fund

How Can I Buy an S&P 500 Fund?

s and p index fund

Follow Warren Buffett: Buying the S&P500 Index (SPY vs VOO vs Vanguard)

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In recent years, a lot of investor money has been flowing into index funds. Investors seem to love the low-cost nature of index fund investing, as well as the diversification and ease that comes with them. This certainly makes sense, but is it possible to make serious money by simply investing in index funds? The answer will surprise you. While fees vary, these tend to be extremely cheap ways to invest.

Discover detailed analysis of the best S&P Index funds, and learn about their characteristics, historical statistics, and suitability.
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The Fund is not managed according to traditional methods of "active" investment management, which involve the buying and selling of securities based upon economic, financial and market analysis and investment judgment. Instead, the Fund utilizes an "indexing" investment approach, attempting to replicate the investment performance of its benchmark. If you're an existing client, but don't have access to the client site, please register. The website you are accessing is created and maintained by another entity. We make no representation or warranty with respect to the information contained on the site or that it is appropriate in all jurisdictions or countries, or for use by all investors or counterparties. The products and services discussed at this site may not be appropriate for sale or use by all investors or counterparties. By providing this link, we are not providing you with investment advice or offering securities for sale to you.

So before you go out and buy the cheapest index funds you can find, be sure to take a look at qualities of the fund other than the expenses. Here are some of the qualities of index funds you'll want to analyze before thinking of buying. For example, there's something called tracking error , which is a measure of an index fund's effectiveness in replicating or "matching" the performance of the benchmark index. One drawback with regard to researching and analyzing tracking error is that mutual fund families do not publicly display the tracking error of their index funds. However there are a few data points you can research to analyze performance tracking. You can go to one of the best websites for researching mutual funds and see how close the historical performance of the fund has been to the target benchmark. If the returns are below the benchmark by roughly the same amount as the fund's expense ratio see below , the tracking error is close.

This is the aspect of index fund investing that most investors know to be crucial to producing the best index funds. Essentially, the index funds with the lowest expense ratios generate the best returns over time. This is also an advantage of using index funds as opposed to actively managed funds. For example, if an index fund has an expense ratio of 0. Because index funds are passively managed they simply match the holdings of a given index , the costs of managing the fund are dramatically reduced. With no real research required, costs can be kept extremely low, which has a positive impact on returns over time. Now we are getting into the science of indexing.

S&P 500 Index

It is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, and many consider it to be one of the best representations of the U. Funds that track the index have been recommended as investments by Warren Buffett , John C.,



In , Vanguard introduced individual investors to the nation's first mutual fund designed to mimic the S&P Index. Some 20 years later.
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    These funds employ a passive or indexing investment strategy and invest all or a substantial amount of their total net assets in common stocks included in the benchmark index.

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    Investors may access these funds through financial advisors, full-service brokers, or discount brokers.

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