Russell henderson and aaron mckinney

Matthew Shepard

russell henderson and aaron mckinney

At the Fireside Lounge, the year-old somehow ended up chatting to two roofing workers, Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney, both the.

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T he horrific killing of Matthew Shepard in is widely seen as one of the worst anti-gay hate crimes in American history. They pistol whipped him with a gun then tied him to a fence in freezing conditions and set fire to him before leaving him to die. Politicians and celebrities pledged support and funding to combat anti-gay hate crime. The Shepard family have become campaigners for gay rights. Judy and Dennis Shepard run the Matthew Shepard Foundation , which funds educational programmes and an online community for teens to discuss sexual orientation and gender issues.

Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, – October 12, ) was a gay American student Suspects Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were arrested shortly after the attack and charged with first-degree murder following.
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Suspects Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were arrested shortly after the attack and charged with first-degree murder following Shepard's death. Significant media coverage was given to the killing and to what role Shepard's sexual orientation played as a motive in the commission of the crime. The prosecutor argued that McKinney's murder of Shepard was premeditated and driven by greed. McKinney's defense counsel countered that he had intended only to rob Shepard but had killed him in a rage when Shepard made a sexual advance toward him. McKinney's girlfriend told police that he had been motivated by anti-gay sentiment but later recanted her statement, saying that she had lied because she thought it would help him. Both McKinney and Henderson were convicted of the murder, and each received two consecutive life sentences.

Russell Henderson left and Aaron McKinney right. Matthew Shepard is born in Casper, Wyoming. Matthew Shepard Murder: A Chronology. Shepard, age 15, is arrested for sexually assaulting two 8-year old boys in Casper. The Shepard family moves to Saudi Arabia. Matthew enrolls in a boarding school in Lugano, Switzerland for his last two years of high school.

Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson

Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson - Murder Of Matthew Shepard, Documentary

Matthew Shepard’s murder still haunts Wyoming 20 years later

But two decades after Matthew Shepard was bludgeoned, tied to a rail fence and left to die on the cold high prairie, the emotions stirred up by his slaying linger in Wyoming, which still struggles with its tarnished identity and resists changes sought by the LGBTQ community. Even now, people associate Laramie with the murder. Known as the Equality State, Wyoming got its nickname for being the first to let women vote. Today it has fewer women in its Legislature than any other state and remains hesitant to adopt policies to counter anti-gay bias and violence. Laramie did not pass an ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity until The University of Wyoming created its diversity office only last year.

Aaron McKinney then 22 years old and Russell Henderson then 21 years old are the two young men responsible for the kidnapping, torture , and brutal murder of year old college student Matthew Shepard on October 12, Shortly afterwards, they took Shepard to a field, tied him to a fence post, and proceeded to sadistically torture him by pistol-whipping him in the head multiple times and burning him with cigarettes. Once they were done, they set Shepard on fire and left him tied to the fence post to die. Sheoard would succumb to his wounds in the hospital five days later. Henderson and McKinney were arrested soon afterwards and convicted of first-degree murder. Both of them received two consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole. They both remain incarcerated and are currently imprisoned at the Wyoming State Penitentiary.



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    20 years after killing Matthew Shepard, what Russell Henderson has to Still, he insisted, neither he nor Aaron McKinney was motivated by.

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