Science fusion cells and heredity unit 2 review answer key

The Embryological Origins of the Gene Theory

science fusion cells and heredity unit 2 review answer key

Unit 2 Cells: Concept 2 Notes

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Toggle nav. The original support for the gene theory of inheritance came largely from the studies of E. Each of these scientists began his career as an embryologist. In this paper, the emergence of the gene theory out of embryology will be seen in the context of these researchers' attempts to solve the problem of which cellular compartment—the nucleus or the cytoplasm—directed development. Crucial to this transition from embryology to genetics was the discovery of the sex chromosome, a nuclear structure believed to direct sexual development. We shall see that the constant questioning and retesting of the chromosomal theory of sex determination inadvertently formed the basis for Morgan's proof that the genetic factors were physically located on the individual chromosomes. Morgan's refusal to accept the Sutton-Boveri synthesis of Mendelism and cytology becomes a chief concern in this essay.

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DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, and Traits: An Intro to Heredity

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