Gray and yellow living room

41 Stylish Grey And Yellow Living Room Decor Ideas

gray and yellow living room

Decorating Small Spaces: Living Room Tour {Apartment}

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Living rooms in grey and yellow are very lively, refreshing and raise the mood because yellow reminds of the spring and summer, which is especially necessary in cold seasons when we lack sunlight. You can vary different shades of grey and different shades of yellow to achieve the effect you want. Choose subtle shades like dove grey or pale yellow for a calm and peaceful interior, and charcoal grey and neon yellow for daring bold interiors. Decorating with grey is a clear thing as this color is good for everything: walls, ceilings, floors , furniture, upholstery and accessories, just vary the shades to get what you like. If you want something airy and neutral, choose dove grey, if not ó charcoal grey is right what you need. Black will also look good and contrasting with grey and yellow; if you want a lighter look and airy feel, add white or cream.

Not too long ago, gray was considered by many to be a dull and somewhat dreary color. But then one day that all changed. One popular designer started using it, then another, and then another, and over the last decade, it's become one of the most popular colors in home decor. More sophisticated than beige and more adaptable than taupe, gray is a versatile shade that has quickly become the king of neutrals. Gray is the epitome of elegance when combined with classic details and sophisticated styling.

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Totally chic and ultra modern, grey is fast becoming the colour of the decade to decorate with right now especially in your living room. Because it makes the perfect contemporary neutral. Versatile grey has many shades to redefine a space; for instance, the palest of shades can form a light, bright base for key furniture pieces to stand out, or a deeper more dramatic shade can form a focal point for you to work around, from confident charcoal to cool pebble the palette encompasses a wide spectrum of useable tones. And, being a neutral it works with almost any secondary colour, especially bright colours as they jump out against their aloof partner with zing. One such shade is yellow the ultimate mood booster; with a mellow undertone it is cheerful without being too in-your-face or in its boldest form will give rooms confidence and freshness.

10 Bold Colors That Go Perfectly With Gray

With the trend is showing no signs of slowing, this summer might be the ideal time to add this relaxing and elegant shade to your living room, even as you plan ahead for fall and spring. While shades like white, black and silver are regularly used along with gray, why not give your home a different hue this season with some bright yellows?

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Let's say you like to keep it in neutralóblack, white , and brown are your go-to color s when it comes to home decor. There's not a thing wrong with that, but don't forget about sweet, sweet gray. The unkind say that if you love gray, you might just have a subconscious fear of commitment. We think a love for the color gray simply means that you love all things sophisticated and smart. As proof, we offer up George Clooney, a smart and sophisticated man who has salt-and-pepper hair. We think not.



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