I can t get started

'Gilmore Girls' Season 2, Episode 22: I Can't Get Started

i can t get started

This is recorded from a 12 inch 78 rpm record so the song is about 5 minutes long, significantly longer than the 3 minutes or so allowed by the typical 10 inch 78 rpm record. Bunny Berigan and his orchestra perform I Can't Get Started with Bunny Berigan performing the vocals.


The song was written in and introduced a year later by comedian and actor Bob Hope, who sang it to Eve Arden in the Broadway production of Ziegfeld Follies of The Ziegfeld Follies were not only popular for their music; these revues were also well known for featuring beautiful topless ladies who stood stock-still in observance of a city ordinance that allowed nudity but not nude dancing, and madcap sketch comedy. As mentioned, comedian Bob Hope introduced the song in Ziegfeld Follies of Although his interpretation proved to be an important stepping stone in his career, it never became a hit. As the song grew in popularity, Gershwin had to write additional lyrics for female singers. Yet, it was trumpeter and bandleader Bunny Berigan who scored a hit with it in

Directing and writing credits: Written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino. I love this episode and if I'm ever having a particularly bad day, I usually put it on in the background and listen to it while I do other things. I don't know why it cheers me up because it's not exactly happy, but it does make me feel cozy and nostalgic for days spent watching "Gilmore Girls" with my mom. Most batshit crazy outfit: This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really hate Lorelai's bridesmaid dress. It doesn't flatter her shape and looks cheaply made. I hate that I can see both the lining and Lorelai's undergarments. I don't want to body snark anyone especially LG because she looks great!

She already has a good job, this is just burnishing her credentials for future endeavors, like opening her own inn. But the moment her daughter gets on stage, wearing a mortarboard, and locks eyes with her parents in the audience is an unforgettable one. The impact is really just in those few shots: Lorelai triumphantly moving her tassel across her mortarboard, Emily choking up. The achievement that is this episode rests mostly on the shoulders of Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop, who are handed a heck of an opportunity and do just a murderously good job with it. So she has to be somewhere else, which is quite a tall order in terms of plausibility.

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I Can't Get Started (lyrics by Ira Gershwin)

Lester Young - I Can't Get Started (1952)

I Can’t Get Started

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Hal Kemp and his Orchestra recorded it at that time and it had a bit of popularity, rising briefly to 14th place on the recording charts. The rarely heard verse explains the situation "I'm a glum one, it's explainable, I met someone unattainable, Life's a bore, the world is my oyster no more. All the papers where I led the news, With my capers, soon will spread the news: 'Superman turns out to be flash in the pan. Settled revolutions in Spain Been consulted by Franklin D Greta Garbo has asked me to tea" are so topical and totally dated to the headlines of the s that they break the mold for ballads. Yet they have such a clever, endearing charm that only a brave singer will dare to replace them Sinatra dared with "


“Lorelai's Graduation Day”/“I Can't Get Started” / “Lorelai's Graduation Day”/“I Can't Get Started”



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    I Can't Get Started is a popular song, with lyric by Ira Gershwin and music by Vernon Duke (), that was first heard in the theatrical production Ziegfeld Follies.

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