Dry peeling skin on face

How to Get Rid of the Dry, Flaky Skin on Your Face, According to Dermatologists

dry peeling skin on face

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Dry Itchy Skin Relief. We can develop dry skin at any period of our lives, on any part of our body. However, dry, flaky, skin on the face can be the hardest to hide, and covering this up with makeup can only make the issue worse. So how can we combat dry patches on the face and achieve a healthy, radiant complexion? Usually, the skin contains natural oils that help to keep moisture in and hydrate the face. However, some aspects of everyday life , even activities like showering, can remove these oils.

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Show less Dry skin on your face is irritating and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are simple strategies that can help. Changing your facial cleansing routine may reduce dryness in your skin. You can also reduce the amount of moisture you lose by doing things like taking shorter showers and using a humidifier.

When you think of uncomfortable and unsightly peeling skin on your face, it's usually the result of a few too many hours in the sun. But sunburn isn't the only reason the skin on your face may peel. Read on to discover some of the most common culprits of peeling skin so you can smooth it over and prevent future flakiness. The number one reason the skin on your face may peel is sunburn. The reason: "Ultraviolet rays from the sun actually kill off skin cells," says Joshua Zeichner, M. You guessed it—slather on sunscreen every day.

How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin on the Face, Fast

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5 Reasons the Skin on Your Face Might Be Peeling

Such labor! So to get you started on your dewy-skin journey, we broke down each of the four steps for you, below, along with a few of our favorite product recommendations, so you have literally no excuse not to fix your flakes tonight. Scroll down to see our favorites, then get slathering! Think of skin serums like primer for your face. Just massage a few drops into your dry, cleansed skin, wait three or four minutes, then head onto step two—your moisturizer. Skin Inc.

No matter how much moisturizer you slather on, you still manage to feel like an alligator by the end of the day—so what gives? Weather could be the culprit if you have inherently dry skin that gets worse during the wintertime, thanks to the lower humidity, frigid temps, and harsh wind , says Rajani Katta, MD, board-certified dermatologist and author of Glow: The Dermatologists Guide to a Whole Foods Younger Skin Diet. But you could also have other skin disorders and medical conditions that can cause red, scaly areas. And believe it or not, the products you think are helping could actually be making things worse. Not sure what to do about it? We asked dermatologists to break down what could be causing the irritation—and exactly what you can do to heal your dry, flaky skin ASAP.

Share this on:. These dry patches can be uncomfortable — and sometimes unsightly. - Dry skin xerosis cutis can cause the skin on your face to peel, as can other health conditions, like eczema and psoriasis.

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