How long does it take to learn cantonese

How long does it take to learn Cantonese?

how long does it take to learn cantonese

Mandarin is more widely spoken than Cantonese, so we'll be using it in How long will it take to learn enough Chinese to cover the bases for.

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So glad that Duolingo finally has the Chinese course available and I am already going through it now! I know that I am visiting China in the summer and probably moving there in around 4 years so I guess I have a clock ticking, anyone with experience on this matter? I use SpeakChinese for speaking practice. It's made by the people who created HelloChinese. It's free and it rates your speech and helps you become better over time. It's good if you don't have any Native speakers or teachers to help you at this time.

This time from Cantonese native speaker Brian, who has guest posted here before and who organizes the Add1 challenge. One of the challengers, Jan, took on Cantonese for his project and you can see the result where himself and Brian chat in Cantonese after the three months here:. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is way more common to find foreigners who can speak fluent Mandarin rather than fluent Cantonese. You will see what I discovered in this post and hopefully you will be able to apply their lessons learned into your own Cantonese learning journey. Why learn Cantonese if Cantonese is only spoken in Hong Kong which equates to about 8 million people? Yes, you can read the subtitles but a ton of meaning gets lost in translation and who likes reading those tiny subtitles anyway?

I'd like to know how long does it take to learn Cantonese. I dont know any words nor does my family know any Cantonese words. I'd like to.
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Learning any language can be daunting. In this guide, I will show you everything you will need in order to establish an excellent set of fundamentals in Cantonese moving forward. As a matter of fact, language learning advice has always been, and always remain subjective and varies according to every language learner. But I have, to the best of my ability, attempted to represent each component accurately, in writing, based on my personal experiences learning other languages as well as teaching Cantonese. Learning Cantonese, or any other language, is a massive undertaking. Before diving into the actual learning process, I highly recommend asking yourself these seven questions to figure out what learning Cantonese means to you. After all, the material is generally straightforward, learning the pronunciation, basic structures and words, and it could be fun going through the basics.

Word of the Moment View report card. How long does it take to learn Cantonese? Posted by angle kate. I'd like to know how long does it take to learn Cantonese. I dont know any words nor does my family know any Cantonese words.

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    Cantonese has a very rich history and culture as a language, and is one of the most expressive and fun languages I have ever heard.

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