Jim beck vs janice laws

Laws, Beck Face Off in Georgia Insurance Commissioner Race

jim beck vs janice laws

Jim Beck for Insurance Commissioner - "A Face for Radio"


Many of them had previously donated to the campaign of Jay Florence, whom Hudgens had backed to replace him. As of Sept. Insurance commissioners have been financed by the insurance industry. The office regulates the small-loan industry and various forms of insurance. Its profile has been raised of late and not necessary in a good way by skyrocketing auto insurance premiums that have jumped for some consumers twice a year. Increased traffic congestion, more distracted driving, an increase in accidents and the rising cost of fixing cars were among the problems cited, although at least some of the same problems are facing other states as well.

Running to replace him in the election happening today is Democrat Janice Laws , an insurance agent, and Jim Beck, a former deputy.
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Beck, who announced his candidacy in Aug. According to his campaign website , Beck said his top priorities if he is elected would be to focus on Georgia health care solutions centered on a free market system. Georgia auto insurance rates have been spiraling out of control. Last month, AJC. Democratic candidate Laws is a year-veteran of the insurance industry and current owner of her own agency, J. She is also an author and founder of Total Life Empowerment, where she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and agents. As an insurance professional, Laws has been recognized as a leader and pace-setter in the industry by Liberty Mutual Insurance CO.

Democrat Janice Laws has been a Georgia insurance agent for about 16 years and is owner of J. She emigrated from Jamaica to the United States as a teenager. This would be her first elected office. Like most elected officials, insurance commissioners can bring their own projects or initiatives to the job. As Insurance Commissioner, I will initiate regional offices statewide to create dialogue between my office, the legislature, local elected officials, stakeholders, and the Georgia families that we serve. Additionally, I will initiate a consumer website where Georgians can locate agents, brokers, and insurance carriers, as well as resources and office locations for face-to-face support. I believe it is time, also, that we create an assessment tool to monitor the practices of insurance companies and their rates.

Affordable housing plan decried at Senoia town hall. Atlanta Motor Speedway opens camping facilities to Dorian Evacuees. Connectivity, history and bathrooms popular at Senoia town hall. Preventing children from becoming victims of identity theft:. Welch class participates in Great Georgia Pollinator Census. Coweta resident Janice Laws has not conceded in the race for the next Georgia insurance commissioner.

He said Georgia insurers own regulator. Now industry donors favor him.

Janice Laws (D)

The Pulse May 22, Andy Miller 0. The party nominees will vie to succeed Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, who decided not to seek a third term. Hudgens supported Florence in the primary. The job is an important one, as insurance issues have become major pocketbook issues for many Georgia families. Also, Georgia has one of the highest rates of residents without health coverage.

The race for the next Georgia Insurance Commissioner was too close to call Wednesday morning, according to local media outlets in the state. Libertarian candidate Donnie Foster was trailing behind significantly with only 2. The station also reported slow reporting of results Tuesday night due to voting issues in several counties. Standing until every vote is counted. Your vote matters. Beck, who announced his candidacy in Aug. According to his campaign website, Beck said his top priorities if elected would be to focus on Georgia health care solutions centered on a free market system.

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed state work records of Jim Beck, the former insurance lobbyist and state staffer who won the Republican nomination for Georgia insurance commissioner in May. A spokeswoman for the U. According to a subpoena obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, federal prosecutors asked the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner for personnel records from when Beck worked for the agency. Beck, who won a three-way GOP primary last month, will face Democrat Janice Laws, an insurance agent, in the November general election. He is focused on his campaign for insurance commissioner and the important insurance issues that Georgians face, including protecting our veterans and seniors against fraud and opening regional offices where consumers can have face-to-face meetings with Department of Insurance officials. Beck has worked in various positions in state government over the past few decades and has been well known at the Capitol, both as a representative of the Georgia Christian Coalition and as an insurance lobbyist. Beck resigned his position with the GUA just weeks before the May 22 primary.




Laws still in the race for insurance commissioner



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