Old fashioned butter pound cake

Old Fashion Butter Pound Cake

old fashioned butter pound cake

My Pound Cake series has been very popular as well as other old-fashioned desserts that I've shared. My Old-fashioned Butter Roll.

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This Old Fashioned Pound Cake recipe is one my mother made often throughout my childhood. Dense and buttery, this traditional pound cake is the perfect blank canvas for a fruit glaze or whipped topping. My mom is forever making treats for my dad to take with him to work. The dense cake holds up well in a sack lunch and retains its smooth, buttery flavor for days. It gets its name from its simple ingredients. Throughout the years that recipe has been amended to include spices and flavorings such as vanilla, lemon, or almond extract.

Classic Pound Cake uses only 4 simple ingredients that all weigh in at 1 pound each to create a traditional, dense, butter cake recipe that is perfect topped with strawberries and whipped cream! Pound Cake is one of those old fashioned cake recipes that will always have place on my dessert table. I have created all sorts of variations on pound cake like my Million Dollar Pound Cake which includes among other things buttermilk to tenderize the crumb, and of course my Kentucky Butter Cake which is a MUST make! This is a cake recipe that has been around for ages, and I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to bake a homemade pound cake from scratchbecause I feel like we all need to know the classics! Once you know the basic recipes, you can build and adapt them to suit your tastes and creativity, which is when the real magic happens! This pound cake recipe is the building block for a pretty epic strawberry shortcake.

Pound cake is a simple butter cake that cooks have been making and sharing for generations. Over the generations, that ratio has been modified a bit for the best possible result. The number one most important thing is to cream the butter and sugar until they are SUPER fluffy and pale. The mixture should double in volume and look almost white. Give it at least 5 full minutes on medium-high speed.

Members Choice! This cake will get you raves at your next pot luck or bake sale! It is so buttery and moist. This recipe is a great, classic pound cake. The Test Kitchen. Printable Recipe Card.

Tall, buttery, moist, dense. This pound cake is classic and very close to an original pound cake recipe. Old-fashioned desserts seem to be making a resurgence. I started this series on reviewing Pound Cake recipes because pound cakes are my very most favorite thing in the world to make. I dunno why, but they are.

Old Fashioned Blue Ribbon Pound Cake



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