The rock vs triple h judgement day 2000 full match

WWF Judgment Day 2000

the rock vs triple h judgement day 2000 full match

FULL-LENGTH MATCH - Raw - Triple H vs. The Rock - WWE Championship Match

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There was also a huge surprise return in the main event of this show as well. Judgment Day did pretty well in terms of PPV buyrates with , buys. They released those posters months in advance. The opening video package highlighted things that happened in one hour like a heart beating 7, times in an hour, for example. It was a way to hype up The Rock vs. Triple H for one hour in the Iron Man Match main event. Good stuff.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. The Dudley Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero vs.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. This event was also the first Survivor Series not to feature the traditional Survivor Series elimination-style tag team match, although the notion of survival is apparent in the knockout tournament. The Dudley Val Venis special Eddie Guerrero vs.

Triple H vs The Rock at Judgment Day 2000 1_5

Cut immediately to DX and Vince hanging out, eating grapes, and we have our first X-Pac sighting of the night as I shudder. - Triple H defeated The Rock to win the championship 6 falls to 5, after a disqualification in the final seconds by Shawn Michaels as a result of interference by the returning Undertaker.


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