How did carol die in the walking dead

The Walking Dead Season 9: Who Lives and Who Dies

how did carol die in the walking dead

Carol Peletier is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is . She refuses for anyone to try to help her, saying that they should let her die in peace. She is . Sensing that Tyreese does not know of her involvement in Karen's death, Carol makes up a story about how she did not return with Rick.

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The death toll jumped significantly on "The Walking Dead" Sunday, shocking even viewers familiar with the AMC drama's frequent bloodshed. As famous fan Carrie Underwood, likely speaking for many viewers, tweeted: "The. Holy moly! Didn't see that coming! Long-running shows past their peak often shake up their casts, but the "Dead" mayhem follows, with some casualty changes, a plot in the popular comics books on which the show is based. Masterson, who's now listed fourth in the credits after the departures earlier this season of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, was the highest-profile casualty. Tara was a long-running character, having first appeared in Season 4, while Enid, initially a potential love interest for now deceased Carl Grimes, arrived during the following season.

As much as " The Walking Dead " has been centered around Rick Grimes' family for nine seasons, it's also been about Carol Peletier's journey from a survivor of abuse to becoming one of the prominent badass leaders of the zombie apocalypse. Gimple, it's a story we almost didn't get to see play out on screen. She herself had to struggle with the power that she found. In Robert Kirkman's comic-book series, Carol, unable to adapt to life in the zombie apocalypse, commits suicide at the prison by having one of the undead fatally bite her. Instead, when the group of survivors arrived at the prison, T-Dog was bitten in the neck by one of the undead. For what it's worth, Carol is sent away by Rick for a while during season four after Rick discovers she killed two of the survivors at the prison in order to prevent a disease from spreading. Carol later reappears several episodes later after the group leave the prison, helps Tyreese with baby Judith, and saves Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and more from the cannibals at Terminus on the season five premiere.

Carol is introduced in the comics in the third issue of the first volume, "Days Gone Bye," in , and the third episode " Tell It to the Frogs " of the first season of the television series in , as a meek housewife and mother of Sophia at the survival camp in Atlanta , Georgia. Initially a recurring cast member, McBride was upgraded to a series regular position at the onset of the second season , and the character's role has predominantly increased since the fourth season. The character's arc has been described as a "hero's journey" by executive producer Scott M.
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Killing a major character in their very first episode, things only got bloodier from there, as more fell to the crazed cult of zombie-flesh-wearing killers by season's end. Certainly, few will forget the show's very own version of the Red Wedding any time soon. It probably won't be their last casualty either, not if the Whisperers' ruthless leader, Alpha, has anything to say about it. In fact, season 10 could see another war break out between a militia formed by the remaining communities and the Whisperers, one that will cut a few more lives short. But for now, many of your favorite characters are still safe. Will they remain that way when the show returns this fall?

Every character on The Walking Dead has their own fan following by now, but none more so than the originals — you know, the characters that have been with us since season one. The ones that you get tricked into thinking will survive until the end — until producers remind us, like when they killed off Carl , that no one is safe in this zombie-infested world. So, does Carol die in The Walking Dead? We know those of you in her fan group want to know. First of all, Carol is a wildly different character in the comic books than she is in the AMC post-apocalyptic drama.

During the initial outbreak, she evacuates with her abusive husband, Ed , and their daughter, Sophia , to Atlanta. They eventually join a camp of survivors. In the events following her daughter's disappearance , Carol forms a close, loving bond with fellow survivor, Daryl Dixon. After discovering that her daughter was bitten and reanimated , Carol, now the last surviving member of her family, gradually builds inner strength, becoming increasingly proficient with weapons, and gains medical experience through Hershel Greene 's assistance. Later on, she becomes the parental guardian of Lizzie and Mika Samuels after the death of their father , albeit briefly.

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On a show like The Walking Dead , loss and heartbreak are inevitable. It's a post-apocalyptic zombie drama: people are going to die, people are going to mourn and people are going to be forced to do terrible things to survive. Many goodbyes are said this episode

Carrie Underwood speaks for 'Walking Dead' fans after major character deaths: 'Holy moly!'

Carol is one of the few mainstays from the original cast still left in the series, which is somewhat surprising since the character was killed off long ago in Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's comic run. Speaking to Digital Spy and other media at Comic-Con International , Melissa McBride looked back on how the character has grown from a submissive wife in season one to a leader among the survivors throughout the series. That evolution only happened because McBride directly intervened when producers planned to kill off Carol earlier in The Walking Dead 's run. Every page was, 'Carol sobs, Carol cries, Carol screams I asked to speak to somebody to tell them what I thought of Carol, because nobody had asked me at that point. I'm like, 'Here's who she is to me, just at least let me tell you that much and if you still want to kill her, fine' — but it was important for me to speak for her.



The Walking Dead 8x09 Carl's Death Scene

OK fans, we know you're wondering does Carol die in The Walking Dead. We break it down for both the comic books and the hit AMC show.
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