How much is a 8 piece chicken at bojangles

Bojangles menu prices

how much is a 8 piece chicken at bojangles

Bojangles' has been praised many times over the years by multiple 8 Pc. Tailgate Special (8 Pc. Chicken, 4 Biscuits, 2 Picnic Fixin's, and 1/2.

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The scene: Considering how popular fried chicken is in this country and it's bigger than ever, suddenly following in the trendy footsteps of barbecue there are surprisingly few places to get it. But with chicken there is just one truly national player, KFC, and even they dropped the very words from what was once Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is widely available but not very good, and then there is Popeyes, much better and pretty big, with over 1, outlets, but mostly concentrated in New York, Texas, California and the Southeast. Then it drops off pretty quickly, with only two other sizeable fried chicken chains, Church's and Bojangles', which is the most regional of all, limited to just 11 contiguous states from Pennsylvania and Maryland at the northern end all the way south to Florida and west to West Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky. Bojangles' menu has changed much less than its competitors -- for nearly 40 years the chain has largely stuck to its core trio of fried chicken, biscuits and sides.

Preorder to Your Address. Popular Items. Boneless Chicken. Chicken Supremes. Homestyle Tenders. Grilled Chicken.

A chain of more than fast food restaurants located primarily in the U. Most of the menu items available on a daily basis consist of fried chicken, home-style biscuits, seasoned rice, and beans. Patrons may also indulge in salads, sandwiches, and family meal boxes including hearty portions of both entrees and side dishes. The popular fast food chain also serves beverages ranging from traditional soft drinks to coffee, milk, lemonade, iced tea, and orange juice, which complements the breakfast menus available all day, every day. July 20, at pm. August 6, at pm. January 25, at am.

I went through the drive through which may have been a mistake. I did not know their menu since this was my first visit. The person taking the order did not have any patience for me even though I was the only one in line If you want good fried chicken and fast-food, southern style, this is your place. Great fried chicken, loved the biscuits and of course, the Mac-and-cheese was great too, Yum Yum, so good, but so bad for you Did a drive-thru run to get breakfast for the family.

This page provides you with the latest, up-to-date Bojangles menu prices. But apart from learning the Bojangles prices, you can see the Bojangles gluten free menu as well. After all, you can find about the Bojangles nutrition facts and the company itself. Bojangles Biscuits. As you can well understand from this Bojangles menu , the chain of these restaurants is focused on serving chicken meals, such as Bojangles Chicken Supremes.

Our Bo-dacious Menu

KFC vs. Popeyes vs Bojangles Chicken & biscuits: Let's eat!

Bojangles Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

What's wrong with this menu? Call Menu Info. Main Menu. Bo-Tato Rounds. Three pieces of our juicy, boneless whole-breast select tenderloin filets seasoned and fried to perfection, served on a bed of romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage, with grated carrots, sl. Tender, juicy breast meat fried to perfection and served on a bed of romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage with grated carrots, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes and Monterey Cheddar cheese. A mix of romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage with grated carrots, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes and Monterey Cheddar cheese, made fresh daily.

Twelve pieces of chicken, six biscuits, three picnic fixin's and half gallon iced tea. Twenty pieces of chicken, 10 biscuits, four picnic fixin's and one gallon iced tea. Twelve wings, six biscuits, two picnic fixin's and half gallon iced tea. Biscuit and choice of fixin. Assorted chicken bites, dirty rice, Cajun pintos and cheese. Four chicken supremes, biscuit and choice of fixin. Twelve chicken supremes and four biscuits.

Bojangles is a quintessentially American fast food restaurant. With locations primarily in southern and deep southern United States, they make classic southern dishes. Best known for their Cajun-spiced fried chicken and traditional, made-from-scratch, buttermilk biscuits. With over six hundred locations across the United States, they have found a successful formula. In they even had the highest restaurant sales average in the entire country.

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    Bojangles' prices are considered to be slightly lower than their competitors despite . 8 Pc. Tailgate Special (8 Pc. Chicken, 4 Biscuits, 2 Picnic Fixin's, and 1 /2.

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