Real life mario kart usa


real life mario kart usa

Start Your Engines For Londonís Real-Life Mario Kart Experience. I mean, they call it Mushroom Rally, but we all know itís-a Mario Kart! The Mushroom Rally gets you dressed up as your favourite Mario characters, before letting you loose on a custom-built go-kart track where you.


Finally, you can live out your Mario Kart dreams. Australia-based Mushroom Rally has taken the beloved Nintendo go-kart-style racing game and transferred it to real life for a one-day event. Roughly participants will dress up as Super Mario characters and drive around a custom-made track for 30 minutes, collecting stars to earn prices. Mushroom Rally will launch its U. The Denver race will be in April.

There will be 20 spots in the final with three ways in which racers can win a place on the grid in Las Vegas:. Having the fastest lap time in your city. Collecting the most stars in your city Top 3 in the country will go to Vegas! They'll also be lots of games to play on the day where you'll be able to win stars which add up and could be sending you to Vegas. We'll have lots of prizes on the day as well as entertainment including a DJ to party after the races.

Tickets for this event are extremely limited - simply enter your details in the noted sign up box above. Please note this is not a street race. Various dates please see eventbrite for dates and details. Yes, but they will need to make their own way to the venue but please contact us in advance. No, but please bring your ID and tickets with you. You will be send a safety briefing and registration prior to the event to save time on the day.

3, 2, 1ÖGO! Youíll be able to race in real-life Mario Kart in Denver next year

This Is Not a Drill: Live Mario Kart Is Coming to L.A. Next Year

Have you ever played Mario Kart and wished it could really be you behind the wheel collecting stars? Mushroom Rally is a unique go-kart race that combines your favorite Nintendo characters and your IRL friends for a driving experience that feels straight out of a video game. On June and , , this event will make its way to Miami, Fla. Racers can choose a provided costume and dress up as their favorite Nintendo character while they drive around a themed, custom-made track for the chance to win prizes. While there is no age requirement to race, there is a height requirement to get behind the wheel. At the time of writing, only tickets for the Miami race on Sunday, June 9 remain.

Growing up in the '90s, video games were soaring in terms of popularity and sales. Super Mario was such a hit then, more so when its racing game was released and my dad went home with a copy of it. I was teary-eyed and couldn't contain my joy. Seeing your favourite Super Mario characters racing and battling for power-ups was a blast, and I really wished at that time I could play Mario Kart in real life. So, when I've heard about Superhero Street Go-Karting in Japan, I reckon that it would only be a matter of time until someone dresses up as Mario and do some real-life Mario Kart stints. Such as this video that we stumbled upon on Youtube uploaded by Marchettino.

The exact location of the competition is being kept secret until a later date, though it will be on a custom go-kart trackóno driving through the streets while dodging traffic. Entrants will race once, with the winners of each preliminary race going on to compete in a second race to earn prizes. Each contestant will also be entered into a lottery, with the winner going on to become the 20 th racer in the grand final. Other cities hosting heats include Los Angeles , Denver , and Houston. Tickets are extremely limited, so move fast if you want to be crowned the best real-life Mario Kart racer in the US. The competition is not associated with Nintendo or its brands. Something to look forward to: You might consider yourself a bit of a wizard when it comes to the Mario Kart games, but could those skills be transferred to the real world?

Have you ever played Mario Kart and wished it could be you behind the wheel? You'll have your chance when this go-karting event comes to.
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    Mario Kart fans will be able to get as close to being inside the classic video game as possible, with a real-life version of Mario Kart that will land.

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