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michael hutchence cause of death


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By Richard Shears for MailOnline. The final desperate hours of rock star Michael Hutchence were revealed yesterday by the two detectives who investigated his death. In the same bin, they found the lyrics of the last song he wrote which have never been published. Battle: The detectives tell how the singer, pictured left with Paula Yates and their daughter Tiger Lily, was pushed to a state of self-destruction during a bitter custody battle with between Yates and Bob Geldof, right. Traumatic: Paula Yates, they claim, drank a bottle of vodka when she arrived at the Ritz-Carlton after he died. They also told of the despair of his girlfriend, Paula Yates, and her very public insistence that Hutchence had died accidentally during a sex game.

Hutchence was the lead singer and lyricist of INXS from until his death. According to rock music historian Ian McFarlane , "Hutchence was the archetypal rock showman. He exuded an overtly sexual, macho cool with his flowing locks, and lithe and exuberant stage movements. Hutchence was a member of the short-lived pop rock group Max Q. He also recorded some solo material and acted in feature films, including Dogs in Space , Frankenstein Unbound , and Limp Hutchence had a string of love affairs with prominent actresses, models and singers, and his private life was often reported in the Australian and international press. On the morning of 22 November , Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney.

Twenty years after the lonely death of Michael Hutchence in a Sydney hotel room, old rumours and new speculation mean questions about the rocker's last hours remain. A coroner found Hutchence killed himself while depressed and under the influence of alcohol and drugs but there was never a public inquest into the INXS frontman's death. Hutchence's partner Paula Yates claimed a year before her own death her lover likely died accidentally while choking himself for sexual pleasure, as the pair had engaged in similar sex games. At the time of his death - 20 years ago on Wednesday - the rocker was being treated for depression. His band's best days were behind it and he was still taking drugs. I've come close, though.

Content warning: This article deals with suicide and may be triggering for some readers. The body of the INXS rocker was found in a Sydney hotel room where he had reportedly taken his own life. But rumours and speculation surrounding other possible explanations were aplenty. And when three years on from that night, his then-partner Paula Yates who was the first to suggest his cause of death was not suicide was found dead in her West London flat, it seemed the last connection to other possible explanations was gone. After the findings, before her own death, his former partner and the mother of his daughter Tiger Lily, Paula Yates, had claimed he likely died accidentally while choking himself for sexual pleasure. In an intimate multi-part interview conducted with a tiny Tiger Lily in tow - Yates had also disclosed previous conversations she and Michael had about suicide, claiming he would never do such a thing. He would have just thought that was awful," she said in the interview available to view on Youtube.

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Supermodel Helena Christensen has broken her decades long silence about the downward spiral of her former lover, INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, before his tragic death in The Danish catwalk queen - who was in a relationship with the star for five years in the early s - revealed she witnessed Hutchence change completely after he was punched by a taxi driver on a night out in Copenhagen in The singer hit his head on a kerb and was left with a brain injury which caused him to lose his sense of smell and altered his entire personality. Watch this video for never-before-seen moments from Michael Hutchence's private life:. Christensen, now 50, opened up in the new documentary film Mystify which chronicles the behavioural changes of Hutchence after the altercation, Daily Mail reports. Recalling the night of the incident, Christensen said she believed her boyfriend was dead as he lay unconscious on the pavement with blood coming out of his ears and mouth. When he was revived at the hospital, he became "aggressive" and admitted that when she cared for him in the months afterward "he almost got violent".

What happened to MICHAEL HUTCHENCE?

View information about Michael Hutchence's death here on famously-dead. You can view information about Michael Hutchence's death and other famous deaths. You can view by name or by cause of death. We also have included the most popular famous deaths. He lived the life of a rock star and movie star, enjoying fame, fortune and lots of pretty women too. And he maintained it for two decades as the lead man and lyricist for the rock band INXS and as an actor in some movies too, until he did himself in in a hotel room. His father Kelland was a businessman and his mother Patricia was a makeup artist.

The coroner who presided over the inquest into the charismatic singer's strange death explains. Kym Wilson and Andrew Rayment were with Hutchence in his hotel room from some time after 11 that night and left about 5am. According to Ms Wilson, Hutchence appeared to want them to remain with him to offer support if the result of his custody hearing was unfavourable. All three persons consumed alcohol, including vodka, beer and champagne together with cocktails during this time. Paula Yates provided a statement regarding the background to the custody dispute between her and Sir Robert Geldof. She stated that she rang Hutchence at some time prior to 5. She had told Hutchence the custody matter had not been finalised and was adjourned until December 17 and she would not be bringing the children out.


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