The iceman cometh broadway review

The Iceman Cometh review – Denzel Washington's mixed return to Broadway

the iceman cometh broadway review

Get to Know THE ICEMAN COMETH Tony Nominee David Morse & Rising Star Austin Butler

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Jacobs Theatre. In a Broadway season filled with fine performances, Wolfe pushes his cast, led by Denzel Washington, to uncommon excellence. Each of the four acts plays in real time. This is not the West Side of Manhattan, much less anywhere in America. He found the drama a long, gaseous exercise, and passed on appearing in the world premiere.

Reviews of The Iceman Cometh on Broadway. With seven hours of angels and five hours of wizards to take in on Broadway this season, can a case be made for four hours of end-of-the-line drunks? Yes, and a good one. The Iceman Cometh, Eugene O'Neill's frequently revived dark meditation on the life-sustaining merits of self-delusion, is in good hands with this latest creative team led by director George C. Let's get straight to the burning question about Broadway's "The Iceman Cometh," Eugene O'Neill's booze-soaked saga of curdled lives and dashed dreams: Does marquee attraction Denzel Washington delivereth the goods?

Jacobs under the direction of George C. You might be angry not only at the clumsy production but — blasphemy! Coincidentally, so did I, but not in a good way. It hardly matters that, uncut, the play is closer to five hours in length, or that the current revival clocks in at just under four: It feels like eight. This Broadway season has spurred ongoing debate about revival and reinterpretation, but that debate has focused largely on musicals.

Broadway Review: Denzel Washington in 'The Iceman Cometh'. Denzel Washington shakes up the deadbeat patrons of Harry Hope's saloon in.
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With his buoyant air of all-American optimism and innate decency, Denzel Washington is well cast by helmer George C. When the thesp sweeps down the aisle and onto the stage wearing a snazzy suit and a watt smile, the whole theater warms up. The huge ensemble cast 19 strong presents a cross-section of some of the best character actors in the business. At center stage is the saloon keeper Harry Hope, played with worn-out Irish dignity and a bit of a warm brogue by Colm Meaney, who generously treats his bedraggled patrons to free drinks and lets them sleep it off in their chairs. But this shabby neighborhood bar is a safe refuge from the bustling, terrifying street life. Santo Loquasto has designed the room with a dusty, but well-stocked bar that has seen better days. The rest of the furnishings are spare and decidedly spartan — hard wooden tables and chairs and not a cushion in sight.

The Iceman Cometh Review: Denzel Washington disappoints the drunks

Review of The Iceman Cometh, starring Denzel Washington, on Broadway

Buy any of them a fifteen cent shot of whisky and they will impart their hard earned wisdom: Looking forward is so much easier than moving forward, never acting on your dreams means never being disappointed. Act One introduces us to 12 mangy men. There is Harry Hope himself Colm Meaney , who has not stepped out of his pub in a decade, immobilized by the death of his wife and placated by rotgut. And then there is young Don Parritt Austin Butler , a would-be anarchist with mother issues. Act Two offers a kind of Last Supper in reverse, with a savior who arrives to betray his many apostles.

But, in this production directed by George C. Wolfe and running at the Bernard B. Jacob only through July 1, the barflies themselves do not disappoint. A strong ensemble cast of 19, mostly veteran actors with familiar faces some with familiar names , persuasively play a dive full of colorful characters, desperately holding onto what the playwright calls their pipe dreams. More production photographs at NewYorkTheater.

Jacobs Theatre. The production, directed by George C. Wolfe , marks the final opening of the — Broadway season. Broadway News Charles Isherwood. The Chicago Tribune Chris Jones. The Daily Beast Tim Teeman.

Broadway Review: Denzel Washington in ‘The Iceman Cometh’






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