Phases of the moon video

Phases of the moon, animated with Virtual Moon Atlas

phases of the moon video

Phases of The Moon (Rock Version)

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Its laser altimeter LOLA and camera LROC are recording the rugged, airless lunar terrain in exceptional detail, making it possible to visualize the Moon with unprecedented fidelity. This is especially evident in the long shadows cast near the terminator, or day-night line. The pummeled, craggy landscape thrown into high relief at the terminator would be impossible to recreate in the computer without global terrain maps like those from LRO. The Moon always keeps the same face to us, but not exactly the same face. Because of the tilt and shape of its orbit, we see the Moon from slightly different angles over the course of a month. When a month is compressed into 24 seconds, as it is in this animation, our changing view of the Moon makes it look like it's wobbling.

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This video gives answers to why moon changes its shape? The phases of the moon or the Lunar Phase is a set of different ways the Moon looks from Earth over about a month. The lunar phases are created by cyclic changes in angles of the earth, the moon and the sun, as the moon completes its cycle around the earth. Declan, Tobin. Tobin, Declan.

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Phases of the Moon

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Intro to Moon phases

Home: Video. The latest version of Flash Player is required to view this video. Download the Flash Player Here! What you see when you look at the moon depends on its location in relationship to the sun and Earth. The moon never goes away or changes shape-we just see a different fraction of sunlight being reflected from the moon to Earth. So how do you explain why this happens?




Moon Phase and Libration, 2018





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