When in doubt throw it out

'When In Doubt, Throw It Out': Recycling Contamination Is Costing NC Communities

when in doubt throw it out

When in doubt, throw it out.

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The U. The National Weather Service reports that significant flooding will continue across the region and more than 79, people are without power as additional rainfall and high winds are expected. Destruction and power outages caused by severe weather can compromise food storage, especially frozen and refrigerated foods. FSIS recommends that consumers take the following steps to keep food safe and avoid the risk of foodborne illness during severe weather events. Steps to follow in advance of losing power :.

Officials with the state Department of Environmental Quality say recycling contamination is a huge problem in North Carolina. That's because local recycling processors have to remove contaminated items before selling materials at a lower cost in other Asian markets. Credit Town of Chapel Hill. You mean well, and want to help the environment. But have you ever tossed a plastic bag in your blue curbside recycling bin? Or a styrofoam container? You might be part of the reason America has such a lousy reputation for recycling.

When in Doubt, Throw it Out



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    When In Doubt, Throw It Out. Jeremy explaining when in doubt. If it has food waste, it belongs in the trash. For example, you can recycle the clean part of a pizza.

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    There are 70 to 80 million people each year in the United States who get food poisoning, resulting in more than , hospitalizations and numerous deaths.

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