What percent humidity should i set my dehumidifier at

How to Set a Dehumidifier

what percent humidity should i set my dehumidifier at

Adjusting Your Home's Humidity to Help with Rhinitis : Allergy-Proofing Your Home

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This is a measuring device about the size of a pocket calculator that measures humidity just like a thermometer measures temperature. It could take some time, even a few days, to get it to the setting you want. No, it is usually about half that amount. A manufacturer will sometimes say for example a 70 pint dehumidifier will cover up to square feet. Is this really true? At AllergyBuyersClub. Our concern and goal is to prevent mold , which is an allergen to many people.

The dehumidifier setting dictates what size dehumidifier you need. A dehumidifier used in a large basement, for example, must be larger than a dehumidifier used in small bathroom or laundry room. First, determine the square footage of the room where you will use the dehumidifier to make sure you know what size dehumidifier to purchase. The size of a dehumidifier used must also be based on the amount of moisture in the area you want to dehumidify. For instance, a basement that feels somewhat damp and has a musty odor would need a smaller dehumidifier than a basement of the same size that feels and smells wet and has walls that sweat.

Dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air to keep a room dry. In humid climates, they can improve your comfort in your home, help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and protect books, pianos, wallpaper and other delicate items from moisture damage. The specific operating instructions for humidifiers vary by brand and model, so read the owner's manual to determine exactly how to set your machine. Most models are designed to be user-friendly, featuring a control panel with a dial to turn or buttons to press. Plug the dehumidifier into a grounded wall socket. On models that do not automatically turn on when you plug them in, press the "On" or "Power" button on the control panel.

What is a dehumidifier? Portable electric dehumidifiers, the most common and effective type available, work in a similar way to an air conditioner except the air is heated instead of cooled. A dehumidifier uses a fan to draw moist room air over a series of coils - first a refrigerated coil, and then a heated coil. As the refrigerated coil cools down the moist air, the moisture content in the air condenses into water and drips down into a collection bucket or drain hose. The now drier air then passes over the heated coil before being released back into the room as dry, warm air.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dehumidifiers

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    In my helpful guide I'll tell you the settings to use and much more. A dehumidifier can help a lot by bringing the moisture level down to a far more comfortable.

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    Dehumidifier Guide - Frequently Asked Questions iAllergy

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    % in winter. Otherwise below 60% to keep mold away. Or even below 50% to avoid dust mites. You can also see this question: Humidity.

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