Sexual misconduct with a minor

Sexual Misconduct

sexual misconduct with a minor

Ex-youth pastor arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor

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The offense of sexual misconduct with a minor, as defined by Washington law, applies in situations where an individual is accused of abusing a position of trust or authority for sexual activity with someone under the age of eighteen. A conviction can result not only in jail time, but mandatory registration as a sex offender. The state may charge a person with sexual misconduct with a minor if they belong to one of three different categories, if the alleged victim is sixteen or seventeen years old, and if the defendant is at least five years older. The degree of the charged offense depends on the type of alleged sexual activity. The offense also applies to a school employee who engages in sexual activity with an enrolled student, or who causes the student to engage in sexual activity with another student under the age of eighteen. A foster parent commits an offense if they either engage in sexual activity with a minor or cause another minor who is at least sixteen to do so.

Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term for any misconduct of a sexual nature that is of lesser offense than felony sexual assault such as rape and molestation , particularly where the situation is normally non-sexual and therefore unusual for sexual behavior, or where there is some aspect of personal power or authority that makes sexual behavior inappropriate. A common theme, and the reason for the term misconduct , is that these violations occur during work or in a situation of a power imbalance. It is a legal concept to frame offenses which are non-criminal but nevertheless violating of another person's personal boundary in the area of sexuality and intimate personal relationships. Sexual misconduct is often perpetrated against an individual without their consent or where the power dynamics of the relationship are being challenged in an effort to redefine the nature or form of consent necessary in a given circumstance. The alleged misconduct can be of various degrees, such as exposure of genitals, assault, aggressive come-ons, pleading, or even inattentiveness to nonverbal cues of discomfort.

By Lauren Baldwin , Contributing Author. People use the term "sexual misconduct" to generally refer to any sex crime. A more narrow and legalistic use of the term refers to sexual activity between two people where one person is in a position of authority or trust vis a vis the other. Someone abusing a position of authority or trust to have a sexual relationship with another has committed a form of sexual misconduct. For example, a psychiatrist or psychologist who has sex with a patient, and a person who has sex with a minor, can be charged with sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom such conduct is directed. State laws vary on defining acts which constitute sexual misconduct.
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The degree of the crime depends on the specifics of the crime committed, with higher degrees of the charge generally receiving harsher punishments. Indiana law allows sexual misconduct with a minor to be enforced as a statutory charge. This means that this charge can be applied to cases in which the victim is younger than the Indiana Age of Consent , even if the victim willingly engages in sexual relations with the defendant. Sexual misconduct with a minor is a charge that is unique to Indiana. Crimes that would be prosecuted as sexual misconduct with a minor in Indiana will be prosecuted under a different statute depending on the state in which the crime takes place.

Sexual misconduct is a category of sex crimes that encompasses acts undertaken for sexual gratification against the will of another or without his or her permission. The exact acts encompassed by the crime vary significantly by state and require a careful reading of state statutes. In some states, sexual misconduct refers to acts that do not fall within the precise definitions of rape or sexual assault, while other states may have sexual misconduct statutes that overlap significantly with other sex crimes. Sexual misconduct can include harassment, unwanted touching, exposing oneself, undertaking sexual acts in public, forcing another to commit unwanted sexual acts, and otherwise causing offense or harm to another for purposes of sexual gratification. In some states, the crime of sexual misconduct also directly addresses circumstances when individuals in position of power exercise their influence to sexually harass or take advantage of another individual in a subordinate position.

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